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Diabetes is a global, major and rising issue. It is estimated that every 6 seconds, a person dies from the consequences of diabetes in the world. According to the World Health Organization, the situation is getting worse: 1 in 10 adults will have diabetes by 2040. Despite this and due to the lack of physicians, 99% of disease management still relies on the hands of individuals and families. Besides, there is evidence that daily monitoring and patient-specific coaching can positively influence lifestyle behavior of patients, and significantly reduce related complications. As personal face-to-face coaching is costly and hard to scale, we believe at Manzana that web & mobile applications have now become a key driver for chronic disease management. In our project, we aim to bridge the gap between patients and physicians and support patient empowerment through the development of a scalable, comprehensive and reliable platform of self-management tools.


Eyezol thrives to accelerate the process of renovation of the insulation of the residential building. Indeed, If you could renovate all the windows in Europe, you could save up to 100 million tons of CO2 per year.To tackle this problem, we are allowing the owners to evaluate by themselves the quality of their house. It is made possible by a combination of sensors and a companion app that will lead them in the process. Afterward, they get a user-friendly report that will highlight the different incentives for renovation with regards to their current quality. If they decide to renovate, they will be put in contact with contractors to finally get their house up to date.

Food Detective

Now-a-days, allergy is becoming a growing problem throughout the world. 15 million people in the US alone are already suffering from this problem. In the EU, 150 million people possess different types of food allergies and by 2025, almost half of the total population would be suffering from the same problem. The people who suffer from different kinds of food allergies have to be extra careful with the products they buy and consume. They also have to look out for words in the ingredients list which may not seem like the allergen they are avoiding but mean the same allergen.
FARE( Food Allergy Research and Education) has listed out an average of 35 such words per allergen that allergic people should look out for. In such cases, people have to memorize such words and manually look for those words in the ingredients or they could use our app ‘Food Detective’. Food Detective asks the user to take a picture of the ingredients and within a split second, it lists out all the allergens that are present in the product. It even recognizes all the tricky words that indicate the allergen. The app will save the results so that the consumer can refer it again in the future. In the case of detection of the allergen, Food Detective provides suggestions of the alternative food (without the particular allergen) to the consumer. The highlight of this app is that it can detect ingredients written in any language, quick, hassle-free and works in an offline mode.


SMOOK is a centralized multi-sided platform, which provides solutions regarding all needs of a student when moving out of kot.


At MAS-Imaging, we design high quality medical imaging devices for low-income regions of the world. Our current product is a hybrid 2D/3D x-ray imager developed to answer the dramatic need in reliable x-ray imaging units in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our solution relies on the CBCT technology to offer a system that is less prone to break down, easier to operate and to maintain and delivers less dose to the patient than conventional scanners. Given its frugal design, we can provide high-quality imaging at competitive prices, for the benefit of the patients. Our first clinical trials are expected to be in summer 2019 and we are working actively to deliver our first scanners by 2020.